BIRCHWOOD WE BUY Now purchasing all makes and models! Receive cash for your car within 48 hours, all from the comfort of your home.   .
BIRCHWOOD WE BUY Now purchasing all makes and models! Receive cash for your car within 48 hours, all from the comfort of your home.   .
BIRCHWOOD WE BUY Now purchasing all makes and models! Receive cash for your car within 48 hours, all from the comfort of your home.   .
BIRCHWOOD WE BUY Now purchasing all makes and models! Receive cash for your car within 48 hours, all from the comfort of your home.   .

    2021 Toyota Rav4

    Winnipeg, MB

    The 2021 Toyota Rav4 sports many improvements like powerful engines, bolder styling, and additional safety specs. This new model stands out in terms of not only aesthetics and performance but also sales. It was the second popular vehicle after pickup trucks last year. The 2021 Toyota Rav4 in Winnipeg MB is available in seven trims. Are you intending to minimize fuel expenses while discovering new spots when and where you desire? Then the 2021 Rav4 is for you.

    Back with a Bang

    The 2021 Rav4 is back with a lot of bells and whistles such as an upgraded infotainment unit, bolder styling, better fuel sufficiency, and more standard specs. It includes a TRD rugged Off-Road trim and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This model is family-oriented and can take you anywhere at any time thanks to its capacities, reliability as well as size.

    The Rav4 is perfect for all outdoor travels, and the top-notch technology ensures comfortable off-road travel. It accurately channels the Tacoma and 4Runner and sports a stylish and low roof. Toyota has included the SiriusXM radio, and the XLE trim is available with an adjustable-power driver’s seat. The Adventure trim has leather- coated shift knob and steering wheel. It also has an optional power-lift gate.

     The various 2021 trims include Toyota Rav4 XlE, LE, Adventures, Off-Road TRD model, and XLE premium.

    Performance no matter Your Location

    This Toyota Model utilizes 203hp four-cylinder engines (2.5L capacity) accompanied by the 8-speed auto-transmission that offers better handling and better acceleration. You can also select a four-wheel-drive model depending on the trim, for instance, the Adventure trim.


    It beats its predecessors in terms of acceleration by recording 60mph in 7.5 seconds with 184 lb-ft torque. The front-wheel-drive Rav4s can handle about 35mpg on a highway and combats challenging roads, and the four-wheel-drive delivers 33mpg on the road. These models consume 7.9L for every 100km, and they can move smoothly through muddy, snowy, sandy, and rocky terrains. Driving uphill is made easy with the descent control.

    2.0 Safety Sense

    The 2.0 Toyota safety sense in the 2021 Toyota Rav4 redefines the initial safety features with advanced technology and adding new life-saving features. All aspects of the safety sense are founded on the principle that averting collisions is more crucial than surviving. Thus, it shares a myriad of safety characteristics that have the same objective, effectively eradicating accidents while mitigating accident consequences that are difficult to thwart.

     To meet these goals, the 2.0 Safety sense is manufactured to boost decision making, driver awareness, and automobile management across a broad range of conditions and speeds. This integrated safety system offers more functionality than its entire separate parts. It concentrates on three common accidents; nighttime mishaps, frontal collisions, and unwanted lane departures.

    The frontal accident warning unit determines whether a forward collision is imminent and notifies you to brake or evade with visual and audible notification. If you apply a lower braking force, the unit will automatically offer more force.

    Top-Tier Technology

    Lower trims like XE have a 7” touch screen while the 8” screen is available from the XLE trims going upwards. The infotainment structure consists of the LTE 4G Smartphone hotspot, Android Auto, Android CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa capability.


    All models sport the GPS Scout Link, enabling compatible devices to show the map and route directions on the vehicle’s dash-top screen.

    Top-of-line models have niceties such as HD radio, JBL audio system, wireless charging options, and embedded navigation. Its 2.0 safety sense offers pedestrian detection with pre-collision auto braking, top-speed adaptive control, auto-beam assist, lane tracing aid, and road-sign assist.

    The Latest and Greatest

    Are you using an android device? You will enjoy your device’s compatibility with the SiriusXM and Android Auto. All the 2021 Rav4 Toyota models enable Smartphone integration while providing steering controls for answering phone calls on the go and listen to music. It also utilizes your phone’s Google Assistant for finding suitable off-road spots and checking the weather.

    For your outdoor activities such a remote road trips and weekend camping, this Rav4 model offers adequate cargo space for your whole family’s luggage with a low height load. A power liftgate in the Off-Road TRD and XLE Premium models can unload and load cargo.

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    Jaw-Dropping Style

    The 2021 Toyota Rav4 will express your style thanks to the chrome accents and 19” alloy wheels. It sports a bold style that’s angular and trendy. The XLE Premium and XLE are integrated with forward fog lights. Created on the revolutionary platform of Toyota, this car adds oomph to the structure owing to its commanding stance and sharp look. It has immense over fenders, fog surrounds light, exceptional wheel design, and aggressive grille.

    2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrids such as XLE have LED projector-beam headlights on both sides of the car’s grille. The XLE and LE Trims have a dark front grille, low roof rails, and 17’ alloy wheels with different designs.

    The Adventure has a rugged outlook with an outstanding split-bar grille, raised roof rails, and active shutters. The Limited boasts of a black-grey metallic grille, chrome accents, and exterior body-colored mirrors.

    The Off-Road TRD also stands out with the color-keyed top and dark front bumper. It has large over-fenders, dark back bumper with the gray magnetic insert and rides on 18” alloy wheels

    Fresh Interior

    All Rav4 vehicles are well-built, attractive with an ergonomic design. Essential touchpoints are coated intuitively with top-notch soft-touch materials. Hard-touch material residing the car’s cabin provides a high-quality impression. Higher models from XLE upwards offer power seat alteration, leather-coated steering wheel, and a power moonroof.


     Your family can sit comfortably on the properly-appointed seats. The spacious seats augment comfort with the luxuriant cushioning plus ample contouring and bolstering for support. It also comes with large windows.


    The driver’s seats providing lumbar support are conventional for the XLE model. The Off-Road TRD model has a dark SoftEx interior, and the Limited possesses heated seats for your cold mornings.

    To see all the great features of 2021 Toyota Rav4 in Winnipeg MB, stop in at Birchwood Toyota. This will allow you to explore all its exemplary features. The most notable features of the car are its design, safety features, and different aspects of innovative technology used in its manufacturing processes. The professionals responsible for 2021 Toyota Rav4 in Winnipeg MB have all the answers to the questions you might be having about the car.

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