The 2018 Toyota RAV4 Is Loaded with Options

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is an interesting addition to the off-road sedan. The interior of the vehicle is laid out with classy features that include a leather steering wheel and leather trim shift lever. It is a pleasant experience for passengers while traveling on all terrains. The door-sill protectors are in place to provide a sleek look and support comfortable seating.

Passengers have the ability to customize their comfort with the heated soft-tex trim option. This is a well appreciated feature as the climate begins to change. The front seats are power adjustable and go along with deep support bolsters that work well on long trips.

The power moon-roof is offset by the frame-less rear view mirror. It helps the driver see clearly in all directions. The RAV4 is also equipped with a Homelink system which allows the driver to connect with various devices such as a front gate opener, garage door opener and home security system. The moon-roof is attached to blinders to help manage the sun.

New car buyers in Winnipeg, MB should come into Birchwood Toyota and test drive a 2018 RAV4 today.


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