New Immigrant Auto Loans

New Immigrant Car Buying/Financing Guide

Starting over in life takes tremendous courage and commitment. But, new arrivals to Canada find it well worth the effort. Once they get settled, most new immigrants find that owning a car allows them to enjoy everything Canadian life has to offer. To get started, new residents will need to acquire a Manitoba driver's licence, automobile insurance, a vehicle registration, and of course, purchase a car. Here's a rundown, on each step: 

Driver's Licence

Applicants who currently hold a licence may be able to exchange it for a Manitoba driver's licence, depending on its status and the country of issue. From each applicant, Manitoba's licencing agency - Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) - will require proof of date of birth, full legal name, a photograph, the applicant's entitlement to be in Canada and their current address - which must be located in Manitoba. The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation website has more detailed information and specifics. All required documents must be in, or translated to, English or French.

Vehicle Insurance

All drivers in Manitoba must carry basic automobile insurance which is available only through the government-owned Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation. However, drivers may secure improved coverage - such as lower deductibles and higher coverage amounts - through one of many private sector insurance companies. To issue an automobile insurance policy, the insurer will need the licence number of the vehicles owner and any household member who will drive the vehicle and its make, model, mileage and registration number.

Vehicle Registration

To register a vehicle, owners must provide a valid Manitoba driver's licence, the vehicles fifteen digit Registrant Identification Number (RIN), proof of current insurance, the Certificate of Sale, the vehicle's title, and the vehicle's licence plate number. Owners registering a used vehicle will also be required to provide a valid Certificate of Inspection (COI), a Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD), and a bill of sale.

Whether to Buy New, Finance, or Buy Used?

One decision every car buyer needs to make is "should they buy or Finance a new vehicle, or purchase a used vehicle." Years ago, budget played the leading role in answer to that question. Nowadays though, more readily available financing, lower interest rates, and longer available repayment terms allow car buyers to worry less about payments and focus more on finding the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle.

Buy From a Dealer or Private Party

Most experts agree that it makes more sense to buy from an established car dealer than from a private party. Often, the main reason that individuals put their car up for sale is because it has a problem, and they're looking to avoid costly repairs. On the other hand, reputable dealers make every effort to sell only trouble-free vehicles, a practice which improves their reputation and leads to more business.

While the process of getting a car on the road in Winnipeg might seem challenging, new immigrants (and long-time residents), will find most reputable car dealers more than willing to help them through the process. Birchwood Toyota, for example, sells great new and used vehicles. Through Birchwood Credit Solutions, they also provide car financing for Winnipeg residents and auto loans for new immigrants, as well.

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