Toyota Genuine Dash Camera

Birchwood Toyota Winnipeg is proud to sell and install the Toyota Genuine Dash Camera. Protect your Toyota and gain peace of mind in case of an accident. Dash Cam installation is available in our Service Department, too, so you can equip your Toyota with a dash camera in a single visit. Capture videos of accidents or record your adventures wherever you go, in high-quality video.

Toyota Dash Cam Features:
  • The Dash Cam turns on when you turn your ignition on, so you’ll never forget to start recording before you drive
  • An included SD card captures continuous 1080p video (complete with audio if the microphone is turned on), overwriting the oldest files once its memory is full
  • The camera automatically saves footage and location data for 12 seconds before and 8 seconds after an impact or other event that occurs while driving
  • In Parking Surveillance mode, the camera will record for 60 seconds if it detects an impact
  • In the Adventure mode, you can record up to an hour of high-quality video of your track day outing or that amazing road trip
  • A free smartphone app and free downloadable software let you save footage to your phone or computer to review it later and share it with police or your insurance company
  • The Dash Cam can be mounted high on your windshield behind your rear-view mirror, out of your line of sight

Call the Birchwood Toyota Parts Department directly at 204-888-0001 to learn more, or schedule a service appointment today.

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