2020 Toyota Leasing Explained

Toyota offers a great lease program that offers many great benefits to the lessee. First, when you lease, you are getting a brand new vehicle (some of them may have a few miles, but you will never get a heavily used lease vehicle). You’ll get a car with a warranty as well, and, because it is a leased vehicle, you will get any manufacturer recalls or parts failure repairs covered under this warranty.


Because your mileage will stay low – remember in 2020 Toyota leasing explained, you will be allowed up to 12,000 miles per year of the lease – you will never run out of warranty for the time that you have the car, truck or Sports Utility Vehicle.

Let’s further take a look at the leasing process. Once you’ve chosen that new lease vehicle, you’ll go through much the same process as you would to purchase the vehicle. Typical lease terms are for 36,000 miles or three years. During those three years, you are allowed four free oil changes all paid for by Toyota. In addition to these oil changes, you will be treated to a multi-point check of the leased vehicle. The Toyota-certified technicians will check all fluids and replace any needed fluids in the car, rotate your tires, check the health of tires, and otherwise fully insure that your car is running properly.


Again, if the techs at your Toyota dealership find anything amiss in your Toyota, they will bring this to your attention. Leasing a 2020 Toyota in Winnipeg means that you will be getting extra care for your vehicle over the life of your lease, all from your dealership’s fine group of technicians.


What happens if I go over the 12,000 miles in one year? Leasing a 2020 Toyota Winnipeg allows for three years in your lease, so, as long as you do not go over the 36,000 total miles as agreed upon in your lease, you won’t have to worry about overages. What are overages? Overages occur when lessees go over the proscribed 36,000 miles overall; it is not measured on a yearly basis.


So, you’ve determined that you drive under or at 12,000 kms per year, and you know that you want the benefits associated with leasing a car rather than purchasing. Leasing a Toyota couldn’t be easier! You’ll go in to the dealership, choose the Toyota that fits your needs, and then you’ll enjoy the next few years in your new ride.

What happens when the lease is over? Simple! You can turn in the car to the dealer and walk away should you choose. You may opt to purchase the car you’ve leased for the last few years. The payments you have paid toward leasing the vehicle will help to bring the price down of the car that you leased. You can also turn in your lease for another, newer lease. Once again, you’ll drive a new car, with a warranty, and you enjoy the benefits of driving a Toyota lease.

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