Toyota Remote Starter

Toyota Start+ (Remote Car Starter)

Here at Birchwood Toyota, Winnipeg drivers can equip their Toyota vehicles with Toyota START+ (also called Toyota Start Plus). This Toyota remote starter is designed to work with your Toyota model to make frosty winter mornings and blazing summer afternoons more comfortable. Now, even in the worst extremes of Canadian weather, setting your car's temperature is as easy as using your home thermostat. Contact our Parts Department today at (204) 809-8650 for more information.


  • You can start your vehicle from as many as 800 metres away, or 2,600 feet, meaning you can be way over on the other side of your office building or in a top-floor apartment and still start your Toyota
  • 2-way feedback with lights and sound will let you know for sure that your car or truck started
  • Your car will run its pre-set heating or air conditioning preferences, so it will always be comfortable when you're ready to hit the road
  • The START+ also controls front and rear defrosters, so you won't need to scrape away ice before you can start driving
  • The system will operate for up to 10 minutes--plenty of time to reach a comfortable setting even in the harshest weather
  • A low battery indicator warns you if your Toyota's battery charge is running low
  • Note: not all features are applicable to all vehicles

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