Vehicle Accessories

Get your vehicle ready for warmer weather! At Birchwood Toyota, we've got the parts to help get you through it.

Genuine Toyota Wiper Blades & Washer Fluid
Slushy sloppy roads are coming. Make sure your vehicle is ready with new wiper blades and washer fluid!

Toyota Synthetic Oil
Upgrading to synthetic oil is essential for easier engine starts in the spring and summer seasons.

All Birchwood Automotive Group dealerships stock and have access to an extensive inventory of vehicle accessories in our Parts Department. These accessories are specifically designed for the make and model year of your vehicle and will provide a variety of benefits including improved performance and functionality and vehicle protection. Accessorizing your vehicle will also allow you to personalize the vehicle to reflect your lifestyle and how you use your vehicle while at the same time enhancing its curb-side appeal and resell value.

Improved Performance

  • Exhaust systems enhancements
  • Air Filters

Improved Functionality

  • Running Boards
  • Tonneau Covers

Interior Vehicle Protection

  • Floor mats 
  • Trunk Liners

Customized Appearance

  • Tire and Rim Packages
  • Chromed Exterior Parts 

Exterior Vehicle Protection

  • Bug Deflectors
  • Box Liners

Comfort & Convenience

  • Remote Starters
  • Heated Seats

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