Meet Our Team

Toyota’s highly trained team of sales professionals, Toyota Certified Technicians and other support staff are focused on providing the best possible experience as you select, purchase and drive your vehicle.


Dave Zulak

Photo of Dave Zulak General Manager Contact

Myles Posthumus

Photo of Myles Posthumus General Sales Manager Contact

Adam Sawchuk

Photo of Adam Sawchuk Sales Manager Contact

Andrew Robinson

Photo of Andrew Robinson Sales Manager Contact

Bev Pohl

Photo of Bev Pohl Special Projects Manager Contact

Jason Gietz

Photo of Jason Gietz Parts Manager Contact

Scott Cranwill

Photo of Scott Cranwill Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Matt Bratland

Photo of Matt Bratland Assistant Service Manager Contact

Sales Department

Adrienn Guinto

Photo of Adrienn Guinto Sales Consultant Contact

Hayden Hood

Photo of Hayden Hood Sales Consultant Contact

Joel Mazur

Photo of Joel Mazur Sales Consultant Contact

Julie Da Silva

Photo of Julie Da Silva Sales Consultant Contact

Marc Alary

Photo of Marc Alary Sales Consultant Contact

Matthew Borne

Photo of Matthew Borne Sales Consultant Contact

Nelson Gaspar

Photo of Nelson Gaspar Sales Consultant Contact

Xavier Smith

Photo of Xavier Smith Sales Consultant Contact

Kyra White

Photo of Kyra White Delivery Coordinator Contact

Financial Services

Justine Walsh

Photo of Justine Walsh Financial Services Manager Contact

Scott Buchanan

Photo of Scott Buchanan Financial Services Manager Contact

Steve Gerbrandt

Photo of Steve Gerbrandt Financial Services Manager Contact

Susan Spiridakos

Photo of Susan Spiridakos Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Erin Hampton

Photo of Erin Hampton Warranty Administrator/Pre-Owned Advisor Contact

Stephanie Lower

Photo of Stephanie Lower Sales Administrator Contact

Caezar Segismundo

Photo of Caezar Segismundo Sales Lot Attendant

Service Department

Andy Godfrey

Photo of Andy Godfrey Service Consultant Contact

Brent Reimer

Photo of Brent Reimer Service Consultant Contact

Haley Thomas

Photo of Haley Thomas Service Consultant Contact

Luke Santos

Photo of Luke Santos Service Consultant Contact

Ali Capiendo

Photo of Ali Capiendo Technician

Arun Rebello

Photo of Arun Rebello Technician

Criz Marquez

Photo of Criz Marquez Technician

Dexter Espiritu

Photo of Dexter Espiritu Lube Technician

Fred Tollenaere

Photo of Fred Tollenaere Technician

Jeromy Bautista

Photo of Jeromy Bautista Lube Technician

John Pili

Photo of John Pili Technician

Jonathan Falcon

Photo of Jonathan Falcon Apprentice Technician

Kenneth Garcia

Photo of Kenneth Garcia Service Dispatcher

Mark Santos

Photo of Mark Santos Service Detail Manager

Nicholas Agliam

Photo of Nicholas Agliam Lube Technician

Pavel Novak

Photo of Pavel Novak Technician

Seung Ki Woo

Photo of Seung Ki Woo Lube Technician

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