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    Hybrid engines vary in quality depending on who makes them. Here at Toyota, we make them exceptional.

    Not only does that make it less detrimental to the environment, but it also makes it one of the most affordable on the road.

    If you have been hesitating to go hybrid, let’s dispel your anxiety.

    Hybrid Technology at Toyota

    Hybrids utilize a combination of electric and gasoline technologies. The electric engine engages at lower speeds. It provides instant acceleration, and it is also noiseless. Once the vehicle reaches a higher speed, the gasoline engine switches on. The Toyota hybrid engine is available several models of Toyota vehicles. If you love Toyota, nothing is holding you back from going hybrid.

    Many of the models manufactured by Toyota have an available hybrid version. The overall engine size varies, but the underlying technology is identical. This is the same award-winning technology that protects the environment and saves you money.

    Most ecoEnergy Awards

    The Toyota hybrid engine has won more awards than any other hybrid engine on the market. If you are looking for quality, then you have found it here.

    Available Hybrid Models:
    • Prius
    • Prius Prime
    • Corolla
    • Camry
    • Mirai
    • Crown
    • Corolla Cross
    • Rav4
    • Rav4 Prime
    • Venza
    • Highlander
    • Sequoia
    • Tundra
    10,000,000 Hybrids in 80 Countries Worldwide Since 1997

    Why Choose Hybrid?

    So, are you not sold on a hybrid engine yet? At the end of the day, most people care about two things when it comes to their engine. How much does it cost to run? How much does it hurt the environment? Those two questions will determine how you feel about the technology. Let us put your mind at ease.

    Fuel Efficiency:

    Hybrid technology is much more energy-efficient than traditional gasoline engines. Research suggests it costs as little as 12.5% to recharge the battery on a hybrid compared to the price of filling up the tank of a gasoline car. If saving more than 80% on your fuel bill doesn’t sound enticing, then what will?

    Better for the Environment:

    Suppose you want a car that’s both affordable and minimizes your impact on the environment. Then, the hybrid engine would be a phenomenal choice.

    Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system

    This system functions to improve the user’s experience when they are driving the car. Additionally, it also maximizes the hybrid engine’s battery life.

    3 modes: Electric, Gas, or a Combination

    Your Toyota vehicle will have three modes. The electric mode engages at lower speeds. As you increase in speed, the gasoline engine will turn on. Once you reach higher speeds than the electric engine can support, the vehicle switches to gas only.

    Sophisticated Energy Management System:

    Throughout the process, your hybrid engine uses sophisticated monitors to check energy levels. It uses this data to control the flow of electricity in real-time. Thus, ensuring you can always rely on your battery to take you the distance.

    What About Battery Life?

    In addition to the intelligent energy management system, several technologies extend the life of your battery. The Toyota hybrid engine has an impressive range thanks to these components.

    Regenerative Braking System:

    Every time you put your foot on the brakes, a little energy is generated. Usually, this energy dissipates as heat. Thanks to the regenerative braking system, it helps recharge your battery. You can rely on it to give you a little bit of juice anytime you are slowing down.

    Turns Off When Motionless:

    Keeping the engine on when you are not in motion would be a waste of energy. That’s why the hybrid engine switches off when it detects, and you are motionless. Because it does not rely on any spark plugs, you don’t have to worry about any delay. As soon as you need to go, the engine turns back on. Then, it is time for blastoff.

    How It Feels to Drive

    For some people, driving is not a big deal. However, for us, driving is more like an art form. How it feels to get behind the wheel is a huge part of the appeal for any vehicle. Thankfully, driving the Toyota hybrid engine is dreamy.

    Instant Torque:

    As soon as you put your foot on the floor, you will feel it. The response time for an electric engine is much faster than gasoline engines. Even the most powerful gasoline engine is hopeless compared to an electric one.

    Indistinguishable Transition to Gas Engine:

    Once you reach speed, the gasoline engine switch is on. Unless you are straining your ears, you can hardly tell. There is no jolt, just smooth roads ahead.

    Maintenance Myths

    One of the biggest myths surrounding hybrid vehicles is that they are high maintenance. The very first few generations of hybrid vehicles may have been. However, hybrid technology has progressed significantly since then. Today, hybrid vehicles are easier to maintain than gasoline vehicles. They contain fewer parts and experience less wear and tear.

    Fewer Parts to be Maintained Than a Traditional Gasoline Engine:

    Not only does the hybrid engine contain fewer parts, but it also contains fewer moving parts. Each moving part in an engine is a point of potential failure. By minimizing the number of moving parts, you can bet that your hybrid vehicle will last.

    8-year Warranty:

    Even if something were to happen, you would be covered by the generous eight-year warranty. Suppose you were still on the road after eight years. It just so happens that most Toyota hybrid engines sold ten years ago are still on the road too.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    The hybrid engine uses hydrogen fuel cell technology. Electricity interacts with the hydrogen to generate the torque that you need. The only resulting omission is pure water vapor. As a result, it’s completely harmless to the environment.

    Toyota hybrid engines offer you the best of both worlds. You get to have an engine with the power of a Toyota gasoline vehicle. But, you also get the fuel efficiency of a Toyota electric vehicle. When you need the speed and power of the gasoline engine, it will be there. Suppose you are driving a little on the slower side. The electric engine will take you as far as you need to go.

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